Dear Kristin

I appreciate your email which is encouraging to engage in the works. Since earthquake we are just doing nothing special, we tried to help the victims in the nearby areas & to the villages of our friends.

Gorkha Earthquake ‘s effect in General

25th April 2015 , 11.56AM  NST  earthquake of 7.6 rector scale  , later named as  Gorkha  Earthquake has effected badly 12 districts around Kathmandu . This is a major earthquake felt in Nepal after 82 years, we had devastating earthquake in 1934 also.

Badly Effected Districts :














Death Toll till date: 8046 persons  as per the press release  of  Home Ministry of May 11, 2015

No of Injured: 18,000 persons

No of public houses fully destroyed: 290,000

No of Public Houses partially Damaged: 255,000

Government Building fully damaged: 10,000

Government Building Partially damaged :15,000


There are 160 times aftershocks felt so far since 25th April till 10thMay , on 10th May we have had 4 afterschocks , they are of 4.0 rector scale magnitude . Seismologists are suggesting people not to be afraid of the aftershock, we will  not have major shake like 25th Apr again . These are not making any damages thereafter .


The effect of earth quake in the Monument Sights in Kathmandu Valley  

I myself have visited major thoroughfares of Kathmandu ,Patan&Bhaktapur

I have seen the damages as  below


In Kathmandu Durbar square :   Dash Narayan Temple ( Just in front of Kumari Houses ) , Maijudewal , Kasthamandap , Sinha Stattal ,  Jaganath Temple , 9 Storied Basantapur Palace ( 3 stories have fallen) , annexed palace ( 19th cent – Rana –English architect )  have been destroyed . We can say about 30 % damages has been made in the Durbar Square areas .


Lalitpur( Patan Durbar Square )

Only Narayan Temple ,Harishanker Temple in front of Mulchok , 2 small buildings ( rest house ) near royal bath are damaged . There is less than 5 % damage in Patan Durbar Square

Bhaktapur Durbar Square :

I have visited main  square,55 windowed palace courtyard , &Taumadhi Courtyard . The Vatsalyadevi Temple next to Shiva Temple has collapsed . Phasidega ,in front of Municipality, is also damaged. The old military house roof on the southern part is damaged .

There is  about 18 % damages in the all the squares of Bhaktapur

Swoyambhunath Stupa – Main Stupa has a scar   but not a big one .Pratappura  ,Vayupura&Annantapura  temples around main stupa are damaged .

Boudhanath Stupa – No effect

Pashupatinath Temple – No effect

(There are some old temples that have scratches but normally tourists wouldn’t go there )

Bungamati –Khokana : The  Matsyandranath Temple , & old houses have mostly been damaged here

Changunarayan Temple – Main temple is a bit inclined, there are some damages around main temple complex

Chitwan : No Damages at all

Pokhara : No damages at all

Lumbini : No damages at all

Tansen : No damages at all

Bandipur : No damages at all

Trekking Routes :

Annapurna -   All safe

Langtang Trek --  Langtang trail is damaged some part

Everest  Trekking – all safe

Manaslu Trekking – Some routes are damaged

Mustang& other upper dolpa are safe

All the other destinations are safe


Welcome to visit Nepal: The sightseeing places are all open & one can visit them .If you want to help Nepal , you should come visit this country now more than ever before so that you would be helping to the people of Nepal . Please do not cancel but do visit Nepal. Besides Nepal tourism board , all the tourism organizations( NATA , TAAN , HAN , PATA –Nepal chapter , NARA , TURGAN  etc.)  are appealing through their channels to all the friends, tour operators & associate agents in foreign countries.

Some museums are closed, &for some temple visits  you will have to have views from little distance , in the cracked ones . You will be able to see most of the palaces and temples which are there. Prime minister has pledged to restore all the building in 5 years’ time, now there will be recent , intermediate  &long-term strategies to restoration of the monuments.

Road conditions in & Around Kathmandu :

The road inside Kathmandu valley are all motorable ,& movable . There are no blocks. No hazard has been seen in the bridges of Bagmati&Vishnumati rivers . There is normal movement of cars, buses &trucks . There is enough supply of the material, all the petrol pumps are open .

Road  from Kathmandu to  –Pokhara –Chitwan

There are no damages –all the buses cars ,night buses are running as usual

Kathmandu –Kodari

It was heavily damaged . Route has been opened by Chinese armed police .They are repairing the roads . There are few areas where still rocks are falling near friendship bridge . There is no other alternative to this road for the transportations of the materials overland from Tibet /China . I am sure this road will be opened for trucking  & tourist in near future .

Kathmandu –Rasuwagadhi – Kyirong( another Tibet border )

This road is narrow &  the custom is closed at the moment due to the landslide effect  . The road is damaged some parts. This road would not be able to replace the Kodari road .

Shops around Kathmandu

Very interesting many people were assuming that major local markets like Ason , Indrachowk , New road would be panicking when there would be a big earthquake , but to our surprise no houses were damaged to these areas . So these places are running their shops & business as usual

Hotels In Kathmandu :

All 5 Star hotels including Dwarika’s  are safe , no damages except some facial , & decorative material fell  down.

Shanker hotel – The roof  has been partially damaged , & some rooms are damaged too, they are expecting to restart by July .

Hotel Royal Singi  is  partially cracked ,they are firm to reopen in September

Hotel Budget – Fully collapsed in Thamel , we were not using this hotel , it was mostly for Indian Pilgrims.

Yak & Yeti, Radisson, Shangri-La , Hotel Malla , Hotel Soaltee Crowne Plaza , Hotel Grand , Hyatt Regency , Dwarika Hotel –Are running ever since earthquake . Most of the rescue workers were based in these hotels .


Thamel -Touristic Hub of Kathmandu

 Back packers paradise, the bustling streets of Thamel has no damages. All the lodges , restaurant , Hotels are running as usual . Our office which is also located in thamel is safe . Our staffs are safe .

Our office had been opened since 29thApril ,2015 . Now we can see not many tourist walking around Thamel  , but aid workers are walking around the streets with their dresses .


We are firm to serve tourists. We encourage you to promote Nepal .We have taken extra preparedness to tackle the adverse situations. We had about 15 guests during earthquake time . We have settled them with extra care even in this hard time , they appreciated our services. We have gained some experiences from the quake, we are very much looking forward to serving your esteemed clients with extra personalized services .


Kala Dhar Baral